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www.garlicfestival.ca - Eats and Treats at the South Cariboo Garlic Festival
Here's a look at what our visitors were offered at the 2014 Festival

First time at the Festival!

Dr. Oetker will be sampling from their three frozen pizza lines...Casa Di Mama, Ristorante and Panebello. Complimentary samples!

FLAVOURS – All time old fashioned favourite - Cinnamon sugar smothered * Powdered sugar * Powdered Ghiradelli chocolate * Gourmet chocolate dip * Dulce de Leche dip * Selection of Okanagan fruit preserves * Reeses Peanut Butter * Marshmallow * Whipcream * Coconut * Maple Syrup * Sprinkles

THE DECADENT – warm, fresh mini donuts topped with vanilla bean ice cream, more mini’s then drowned in a heavenly dulce de leche syrup followed up with a huge dollop of real whipped cream and ghiradelli chocolate shavings - honestly, the best thing EVER!!

Community Service

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